Between hope, frustration and adaptation: Climate change and next generations

13 November 2017, 4-5pm, German pavilion
With: President Hilda Heine (Marshall Islands) and German Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks

At this event, children, teens and young climate activists will talk with today’s high-level decision makers about climate action, climate change and climate policy. The children and youth of today are especially exposed to the impacts of climate change and will have to cope with the consequences. This is why children and young people want to be included more strongly in climate policy, and why it should happen. The discussion session will begin with a short video of the climate talks held in Bonn’s schools, which took place from 6 to 10 November to coincide with the first week of the Bonn Climate Change Conference (COP 23).

The participation of Hilda Heine, President of the Marshall Islands, will make the generational issue even more tangible. There is hardly any country on the globe that is as acutely threatened by climate change as the Marshall Islands, which has an average height above sea level of only two metres. Combating climate change will be a major challenge for the Pacific nation’s future generations.


- Hilda Heine is the serving President of the Marshall Islands and the first woman to be elected head of state in the South Pacific. For her, the topic of climate change has a particular relevance and urgency because the Marshall Islands face a looming threat in rising sea levels. In June 2017, the same month that US President Donald Trump announced his withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, President Heine approached the EU Parliament to request financial assistance.

Barbara Hendricks: information about the minister

- Mary Awad from the Lebanese Environment Ministry in Beirut

- Jana Stingl, youth delegate and influencer 

- Niusha Khalafi and Finn Rübo, representatives from the Bonn climate talks in schools

- Host: Nadine Kreutzer