Talanoa Space

Action on the part of civil society, industry, regions and municipalities is essential for the success of climate policy. The worldwide problem of climate change demands worldwide action on behalf of the climate. This is why Fiji and Germany want to provide these non-state actors with space at the UN Climate Change Conference, a zone for celebrating their diversity, showcasing activities and encouraging exchange.

The Talanoa Space shines the spotlight on people who are working hard, independently of their national governments, for climate action and fair development opportunities for all people. Debates on the right approaches, paths and targets are vital for successful climate action. "Talanoa" is a well-known concept on Fiji and in the South Pacific. It is a term for inclusive, transparent dialogue, in which people listen to each other, respect each other's perspectives and seek solutions that benefit everyone. It is exactly what we need to tackle climate change – one of the great challenges of the century.

The Talanoa Space will also form a bridge between Fiji and Germany in the Exhibition Area of the Bonn Zone. Don't miss out, check the programme!


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