Information for Delegates

Bonn is located at the heart of Europe in western Germany. Its central location offers excellent international transport connections and accommodation.

To ensure your visit as a COP 23 delegate is pleasant and successful, we have put together important information for your stay in Bonn.

A new and innovative conference concept has been developed for COP 23 which is designed to serve as an example for future climate change conferences. With the "one conference – two zones" concept, COP 23 will highlight the importance of climate activities undertaken by various non-government players and supplement the negotiations and concrete action.

The zone named the Bula Zone by the Fiji Presidency comprises the World Conference Center Bonn (WCCB) and the UN Campus – extended with temporary structures  – and will host the climate negotiations. The Bonn Zone will host all other climate events and is located in the Rheinaue Park near the main southern entrance where temporary structures will also be built. Governments, representatives of local authorities, Federal States and non-government players such as NGOs, representatives from the business community, industry, the scientific community and other parts of civil society will have the opportunity to present their climate action initiatives and projects. The objective is to give various players a platform to demonstrate that promising activities are being implemented globally to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, adapt to climate change and make the transition towards a sustainable society.

Connecting the two zones

The zones will be well connected with a regular low-emission shuttle service. 600 bicycles will also be available to the delegates free of charge. We are encouraging participants to either cycle or walk from one zone to another. Public transport can also be used to travel between the zones.

Sustainability of the conference

COP 23 is the third event of this scale which will be EMAS certified at the initiative of the ministry (Eco Management and Audit Scheme based on an EU regulation). The other events to receive certification were the 9th Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) in 2008 in Bonn and the Festival of the Future held in 2016 in Berlin. The objective is to organise a conference that is as greenhouse gas-neutral as possible, where predominantly vegetarian food is served and waste produced is kept to a minimum. The Blumenwiese (field of flowers) in the Rheinaue Park will be restored back into a park after the conference is concluded.