German Pavilion

Like the Talanoa Space, the German Pavilion in the Bonn Zone aims to provide a platform to present ideas and enter into discussions. The BMUB and the BMZ are co-organising the German Pavilion where German climate policy and diverse cooperations in the field of climate action and adaptation with partner countries are showcased. The open design invites conference participants and visitors to the Bonn Zone to stop by the German Pavilion. A central bar and an array of seating areas offer space to take a break, network and feel at ease.

Focal areas

Climate and
> Human Settlement & Transport
> Energy & Industry
> Land Use & Agriculture
> Forests
> Oceans,

Furnishing and equipment

Side event room (98 seats), amphitheatre (approximately 20 seats), VIP room, utility room, coffee bar for networking, giant LED globe as eye catcher, green energy transition sofa, photo booth, energy transition smart wall , 5 screens dedicated to the following topics: Agriculture, forestry, energy, human settlement and transport, interactive display cases


Approximately 60 events will be held in the German Pavilion. These events fall into the following three categories: Resilience (for example adaptation), Transformation for Development (different sectors), Drivers for Change (cities, regions, financing et cetera). The selected events will all be held in the side event room. The programme of the German Pavilion covers a wide range of topics and stakeholders, which together will shine a light on Germany's commitment to climate action.

Programme highlights:
> 07.11. New York Declaration Event
> 08.11. G20 Germany & Argentina event with German & Argentinian Sherpa
> 08.11. Low-carbon transport: G20 on track? (Agora Verkerswende Event)
> 10.11. (in the evening) Film screening with Al Gore
> 13.11. Between frustration, hope and adaptation, event with Federal Minister Barbara Hendricks
> 13.11. Advancing Climate Action on the Local Level, event with Federal Minister Barbara Hendricks


In addition, there is an amphitheatre in the German Pavilion to facilitate smaller events. Around 40 side events will be held in the amphitheatre including a daily German Science Hour. This innovative event format aims to attract an audience that would not usually focus on the scientific aspects of climate policy.