Cookie policy

The use of cookies is not required for this website.

Cookies are short text files that store information from a website or domain on your computer for a period of time and send it back to the server when the site is visited again.

Most browsers are set up to automatically accept cookies. Users can deactivate or reset this function so that cookies are only stored for the time of the particular session.

Some website functions do require the use of cookies to work properly:

Cookies in forms

To avoid misuse through autofill, forms are protected by CAPTCHAs (numbers and letters combined in an image).

CAPTCHAs are designed to match the filled out form to the user using a specific code. Cookies are thus necessary to send the forms found on this site.

These session cookies do not contain personal data and expire after the form is sent or the browser is closed.

They are not be combined with any personal data entered for other reasons on this website.

Cookies for statistical purposes

Your visit to our website is registered through Matomo, formerly known as Piwik, a cookie used for web analysis. The information generated by the cookie is used exclusively for statistical purposes and the improvement of the internet presence and server. No personal data is stored or passed on to third parties.

Users can choose to reject tracking by Matomo at any time.

Important information

Internet Explorer users can deactivate Matomo by navigating to Tools → Internet Options → Privacy → Advanced, putting a check mark next to "Override Automatic Cookie Handling" and then clicking the "OK" button.

Cookies from third parties

This website contains YouTube videos. YouTube cookies will only be stored on your computer once users have clicked on the video. As long as users do not click on the video, no cookies will be activated.

We cannot rule out that YouTube stores small amounts of data even before the click. We are not responsible for the information requested by YouTube or YouTube's privacy policy. Information is available on the particular provider's website. Users can disable cookies from third parties by resetting their browser accordingly.