Use of LED technology throughout Germany

Campaign "Ready for the future"

What we are supporting:

LED technology not only provides a better quality of light, it also benefits the environment, saves energy and cuts electricity costs. In view of this, the LED Lead Market Initiative was launched in 2008. It supports the broad market introduction of technologies by identifying and dismantling market barriers, developing standards and pilot projects, strengthening research and development and facilitating exchanges of information and experience.

What this will achieve:

Replacing standard lights with LED lights and controlling light use efficiently can achieve CO2 reductions of up to 80 percent. In cities and municipalities, outdoor lighting alone accounts for around 40 percent of total municipal electricity consumption. In other words, there is huge potential for savings in this area.

The activities of all partners in the Lead Market Initiative have resulted in a much greater use of LED lighting in Germany, although not yet nationwide. All sides benefit: local authorities, companies, the scientific sector and, of course, the climate.

Our funding:

490,000 euros from the National Climate Initiative