Tackling marine litter in the German North and Baltic Seas

Campaign "Ready for the future"

What we are supporting:

Marine litter has become one of today’s most serious environmental problems. As a result of pollution of beaches, the water column and sea bed, the North and Baltic Seas are increasingly losing their protective function for the climate. To counteract this, we are supporting national, regional and international action plans and initiatives, including the Marine Litter Round Table, which now comprises around 130 experts.

Another example is the Fishing for Litter Initiative. In Germany alone, 120 fishers are now collecting waste from the North and Baltic Seas. They are given large sacks for the waste they catch in their nets, and these sacks can then be transported to the port, where special containers have been made available for them.

What this will achieve:

The Fishing for Litter Initiative is becoming increasingly popular among fishers and at ports. The knowledge gained about the composition and origin of the waste also helps tackle the root causes of marine litter.

Initial successes as part of the goal to make seas clean, healthy and productive by 2020 are also being recorded elsewhere. For example, plastic particles made of polyethylene that are used in cosmetics have been reduced by 82 percent. And most toothpastes are now free of microplastics.

Our funding:

1,172,000 euros (2013-2020)