Spread of solar kiosks in Africa

Campaign "Ready for the future"

What we are supporting:

The solar kiosks of the Berlin start-up company SOLARKIOSK AG facilitate a climate-neutral and autonomous energy supply in rural areas of Africa. Each kiosk has a small solar power installation with a one to four kilowatt peak (kWp) capacity in a modular, expandable kit-of-parts unit. The solar cells on the roof enable the kiosk to generate sufficient power to charge mobile phones, keep drinks and medicines cool and power televisions and internet. Solar light products and solar-powered televisions, air conditioning systems and CO2-efficient stoves are also sold.

The aim is to improve access to sustainable energy options for rural areas of Africa. Setting up local production capacities for manufacturing the kiosks is part of this approach. This has already been realised in Ghana, where funding and a local partnership helped establish the production of solar kiosks. Other measures included the necessary capacity building to construct and operate the kiosks, and a number of workshops and training courses on the technology, production, operation and sale of the kiosks. The local manufacturing partner received regular support and advice on construction, production and quality assurance, thus enabling continuous on-the-job training and comprehensive knowledge transfer.

The end result:

A solar kiosk can save up to 62.5 tonnes of environmentally damaging carbon dioxide. Each new kiosk provides a secure job for small entrepreneurs, even in remote districts. In many cases, running a kiosk provides the first opportunity for women and people with disabilities to earn a good living.

SOLARKIOSK AG is currently active in nine countries (Cambodia, Ethiopia, Ghana, Jordan, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Viet Nam, and Zambia). The company has its own kiosks or offices in five of these countries, while partners implement the solar kiosk model in the other four. SOLARKIOSK currently has a total of 232 kiosks in operation. The picture used in the BMUB poster campaign shows a solar kiosk in Ethiopia. In 2013 the solar kiosk technology won the BMUB's Federal Ecodesign Award and in 2016 was the recipient of the Bloomberg New Energy Pioneer Award.

Our funding:

160,273 euros