Solar-powered industrial cooling in Jordan

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What we are supporting:

In the desert city of Petra in Jordan, the sun shines for an average of seven to ten hours per day with temperatures of over 40 degrees Celsius. It is therefore no wonder that demand for air conditioning and cooling systems is high in the region. The IKI project is surprising yet makes perfect sense: solar energy is cooling industrial buildings in Jordan by using absorption refrigeration systems, the larger of which is called ‘bumblebee’ and the smaller ‘bee’. Four private and public buildings have already been equipped with solar-powered cooling systems. In winter, the systems will also be able to supply heat if required.

What this will achieve:

In one year, air conditioning and cooling systems in Jordanian industrial buildings produce as much CO2 as 120,000 cars, i.e. 600,000 tonnes. These emissions will be lowered by deploying the solar-powered systems. At the same time, this will reduce dependence on fossil fuels and pave the way for self-supply. The project will also create jobs in Jordan by establishing a sustainable branch of industry. The private companies involved can also position themselves in this new sector and create important references for similar projects in the region.

Our funding:

3,727,000 euros