India One solar thermal power project

Campaign "Ready for the future"

What we are supporting:

With 300 days of sun per year, India is one of the sunniest countries in the world. The India One solar thermal power plant in Rajasthan makes the most of this: 770 parabolic dishes, each 60m2 wide, supply one megawatt of electrical capacity. Combined with an innovative power storage system, this project can provide electricity, warm water and energy for 25,000 people around the clock.

What this will achieve:

For a long time, solar power was considered too expensive for a country like India in which more than 300 million people live below the poverty line. India uses coal to cover a large share of its energy demand. However, falling prices for solar installations in recent years have led to a change in thinking. Germany is supporting India in further developing the market for solar power in conurbations and centres of industry. By doing this, we are promoting energy production without greenhouse gases – in India and for the whole world.

Our funding:

6 million euros