Campaign "Ready for the future"

Climate action has become a global movement. Climate action is multi-faceted, successful and essential. It safeguards our home: the Earth. In Africa it also creates jobs. It protects the land of the people of small island states. It paves the way to diverse mobility. The Campaign “Ready for the Future” puts a spotlight on all these aspects of climate action with concrete examples of projects.

In the context of the Bonn Challenge, for example, the Federal Environment Ministry supports the restoration of deforested and degraded land. 150 million hectares will be restored by 2020. A healthy climate needs a healthy environment. For this reason we present another headline – Climate action is responsibility: The Fishing for Litter initiative aims to free the North and Baltic Seas from plastics – a project beyond traditional climate action measures. The headline “home” calls our attention to small island states like Fiji, whose very existence is threatened by climate change.

The campaign honours national and international achievements in climate action. It shows that each and every one of us can contribute something. There are projects of impressive size such as the solar thermal power plant India One, which supplies 25,000 people with electricity around the clock. But there are also small, decentralised approaches, which due to their large number also contribute a great deal to climate action – for example the 200,000 members of energy co-operatives in Germany. The creativity and diversity of the projects portrayed by the campaign give a positive impetus to climate action – and they make clear that the global transformation towards a zero-emission world is in full swing.